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Core Values

Who we are

How could we possibly assist our clients in building their custom realities if we are not doing the same for ourselves individually and in the organization as a whole? Shift was developed to address the five main limitations that prevent people from proactively seeking psychological services or counselling services to enhance their lives.  As we identified, they are stigma, demystification, accessibility, embodiment & truth over comfort.   These values inform the “why” or the mission of our organization.  We are also dedicated to living our own values as individuals and as an organization. This is why embodiment and truth over comfort have been included.

Are you someone who likes to break barriers? Breaking the stigma surrounding mental illness is one of our main goals at Shift. We want to change the face of psychology and flip stigma the bird. Let’s make psychology cool again and encourage our clients to be proud of their therapy.

People are comfortable sharing that they go to the gym for physical fitness, so we want to encourage people to be comfortable sharing that they are working on their mental fitness too!

Is being open and transparent something you value? We want our clients to have a clear understanding of our protocol. This will help the clients feel more comfortable regarding how our protocol results in the changes they see.

By providing our clients with psycho-education and step-by-step explanations, the demystification around psychology diminishes. It shouldn’t be a mystery what our treatment entails, and we want our clients to be on board every step of the way.

The cost of therapy is like a giant brick wall for some people; stopping them completely from attending much-needed therapy. At Shift, we want to change this completely and make therapy accessible and affordable. How are we doing this? By providing clients with numerous additional resources!

Our psychologists write blog posts to provide insight towards many common situations. We also have our podcast – The Shift Show, where we discuss many topics regarding psychology and wellness. Our Lmtls™ app, developed by Shift Tech Corp, helps people get the cognitive gears moving in their mind. The app allows the client to track their moods, thoughts, emotions, behaviours – then it calculates potential limiting beliefs. Sliding scale rates are offered to clients whose financial situation applies.

We believe in the ability to live beyond the confines of limits, to reach for the stars and grab at the exceptional, be it in our lives, those of our clients or throughout our industry.  Freedom to transcend is the manifestation of personal empowerment.

Are you the type of person who lets a friend know when there is spinach in their teeth? We believe that truth over comfort is one of the best ways to learn and grow. Although those uncomfortable conversations may be difficult to have, the results can be life-changing.

We are committed to speaking those truths to our clients and our fellow Shift team members. With respect, encouragement, and a plan of action, truth over comfort becomes an extremely beneficial conversation to have.